Official Form B22a

        Form B22a is the so-called "Means Test."  It is a complicated calculation of current monthly income less expenses to reach the debtor's disposable monthly income (dmi).  If that number is more than $182. a month, then the debtor is not elgible, without special circumstances, for a chapter 7 bankruptcy.  He or she can file a Chapter 13 or another chapter is applicable.  This addition to the bankruptcy structure was put in place by BAPCPA which became effective on October 17, 2005.  It has dramatically changed the availability of Chapter 7 bankruptcies for consumers and the use of  Chapter 13s. 

      Note that the means test does not apply to 1. Businesses; or 2. When a debtor's debts are largly (50% or more) business obligations.

      The form can be found here: B22a


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